New Updated Syllabus for Arunachal Pradesh PSC Junior Engineer Civil Recruitment 2020

APPSC Recruitment 2020 : New Updated Syllabus for Arunachal Pradesh PSC Recruitment of Junior Engineer Civil

Arunachal Pradesh Public Service Commission (APPSC) is one of the State public Service Commission of India which conducts Examination for Recruitment of Civil posts one or more UTs and States of India.

Junior Engineer Civil is one the reputed post among them.

To Crack Any Exam a Candidate must prepare according to the Syllabus. Here is the New Updated Syllabus of Arunachal Pradesh Public Service Commission for Junior Engineer – Civil

Syllabus for Arunachal Pradesh PSC Junior Engineer Civil -

1. MEASUREMENTS : Areas, Volume, Force and Energy, Pressure, velocity density, length and square measure, metric measure of (liquid, volume, weight)

2. SURVEYING : Chain survey, plain table survey, compass survey leveling and contour survey and theodelite survey.

3. STRENGTH OF MATERIALS : Definition of determinate and Indeterminate structures, Calculation of reaction, bending moment and shear force of simple determinate structure, Stress, strains, elasticity, impact, moment of inertia, Newton’s law of Motion, forces of motion, friction, velocity, acceleration due to gravitational forces.

4. SOIL MECHANICS AND FOUNDATIONS : Engineering properties of soil, calculation of bearing capacity of soil, various types of foundation, causes of failure of foundation and remedial measure, design of foundation, design of isolated footing.

5. GENERAL MASONRY (DESIGN & CONSTRUCTION) : Safe permissible loads of masonry, design of retaining and breast walls, abutments, wing wall and toe walls, causes of failure of retaining wall and remedies.

6. R.C.C. STRUCTURES : Theory of the reinforced concrete, properties and strength of concrete, requirements of structural concrete and reinforcing steel, shearing and anchorage, Cutting and bending of bars, concrete covering to reinforcement, physical properties of the concrete and material for the concrete mix , curing of concrete. Limit state design principles for RCC slabs, beams, columns.

7. HYDRAULICS : Hydraulics data, general principle of measurement of discharge through notches, orifice, weirs, flow formulas for open channels, drains and pipes, Chezy, Bazin, Manning, Kutter, Hzen-Williams formulae for calculation of maximum discharge, Bernoulli’s theorem of hydraulics gradient. Different kinds of head loss.


(i) Drinking water qualities – Common impurities effects and remedial measures, hard and soft waters. Different types of sources of water and its extraction.

(ii) Water Purification Treatment – Storage settling basins, sedimentation tanks, coagulation, flocculation, sterilization, chlorination, colour and taste removal, filtration, slow and filters, negative head, Rapid sand aeration, monitoring and analysis of water quality.

(iii) Storage of Water – Pure water storage and service reservoirs, domestic storage tanks, cleaved and underground tanks, pressure equalizing reservoirs, cisterns, simple design of water storage tanks.

(iv) Distribution of Water – Consumption and demand of water for domestic and public purposes, leakage and wastage of water and its prevention methods, different methods of distribution boosting water gravity and pressure. Distribution of storage tanks, Design of mains, taps, economical velocities in mains and distribution pipes, service connections from mains, house service s design , fittings, fire hydrants and stand posts, design of distribution system - losses of pressure in a distribution system. Intermittent and constant systems of supply, laying and testing of new pipe lines, corrosion of water mains various fitting, water taps and valves.

(v) Pipes of Different Metals :- Choice of materials for piping like cast-iron, steel, wrought iron, galvanized, lead, copper, cement concretes and asbestos pipes.

(vi) Pumping water, snction and Delivery pipes water pumps - Types of pumps, Pumps used in various classes of water works and engineering services, power for working pumps, diesel, gasoline, electric, efficiency tests of pumps fuel required for plants, centrifugal, turbine, reciprocating pumps.

(vii) Design of Pumping Stations Ground Water and Wells - Water bearing strata, measurements of velocity of flow of ground waters, yields of the wells, tests for yield of well, construction of tube wells, ring wells, methods of boring, strainers, house-hold tube wells, open wells, well linings and cavity wells.

9. Drainage :

(i) Surface Drainage and Runoff - Calculation of catchment area, surface runoff for design of drainage.

(ii) Design of Town Drains & sewers - Systems of drainage, combined and separate systems open drains in small town, shape of street drains, size of sewers, storm water flow, rainfall data, self cleansing velocities, domestic drains, flushing of drains & sewers, design of drains.

(iii) House Drainage - Different systems of plumbing for building drainage., one and two pipe system, sanitary fixtures, traps, inspection chambers, house drains, anti - siphonage vent pipe, toilet, sizes of pipe, sizes of pipes and traps for house drains, testing drainage pipes for leakage, smoke test, water test, different types of pipes, soil rain water pipes, flushing pipes, sanitary latrines, water-seal latrines, septic tanks and soak pit.

(iv) Plumbing and internal fixtures, joints for various kinds of pipes.

(v) House Disposal Works - Septic tanks, disposal of effluent from septic tanks, cesspools and see page pits, simple designs.

10. Timber Structures : Structural properties of timbers, seasoning of timber, decay and its preservation, types and classification of timber trusses, beams.

11. Steel Structure : Structural properties of steel and limit state design of simple beams, column, tension and compression members, Loading for design of roof truss and different types of roof truss and design of truss members.

12. Roads and bridges : Cross drainage, culverts, guidelines for location and alignment of bridges, type of bridge foundations, abutments and wing walls.

13. Estimating & Costing : Rate analysis of items of works, analysis of cost of transportation of materials, calculation of detailed quantities of items of works, estimation of cost of projects.

14. Highway & Transportation Engineering : Classification of roads, alignment of road, geometric designs of roads and factors governing geometric design, ruling gradients, exceptional gradient on curves, hairpin bend, camber, design of curves, super elevation, type of pavement, components of pavement and factors governing design of pavements, method of construction of embankment, water bound macadam, wet mixed macadam and bituminous macadam. Introduction to Hill road and hill road and hill road drainage system.

15. Introduction of Earthquake Engineering : Earthquake, causes of Earthquake, terminology of earthquake engineering such as focus, epicenter, magnitude, intensity, seismic zoning map of India, detailing of beam and column.

16. Flood Control Structures and River Training Works : Structural and non structural measures to mitigate flood, flood control structures like Guide bound, Marginal bund, Spur, revetment etc. Design flood, flood forecasting and flood warning.

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**The Above given syllabus is absolutely general information for all the Candidates of Arunachal Pradesh Public Service Commission Junior Engineer – Civil post uploaded by the APPSC on the official website of APPSC. It’s not any legal/official document. All the candidates are advised to visit the official website of APPSC – 


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